Cherry picking with the dogs

Oh, hallelujah!  The cherries are coming on.   My garden is starting to produce, too. We had yellow crookneck squash for dinner last night.  And cucumbers (and steak!)


The dogs and I have been out grazing the cherries morning and night.  Click Sissy for a few more shots of the cherry eating dogs.  And a few shots of the garden, such as it is.  I’m a crappy gardener … lazy as the day is long. 


I love this shot of Lewie.  Nom nom nomming the cherries. 


6 thoughts on “Cherry picking with the dogs

  1. REALLY? You think so? They are so … ordinary. I like them, though. All rescues, but Goob has some sort of pedigree I think. Just enough to give him fly chasing neurosis.


  2. Bahahha! Those are too funny. Dogs, grazing, nomming on cherries. I’m not showing my dogs these pictures– they always beg for fruit snacks and I keep them to myself telling them that ‘dogs don’t eat fruit!’. Heh.


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