Coloma Blues Festival

Tomorrow we do our annual foray into Lotus country for the Coloma Blues Live! show. It’s fun, we do it as a birthday celebration for Bob and his sister Marcia.  This is, um, year 5? for us.  Here’s last year.

Usually we have to worry about sunburn and heat stroke.  This year we’re worried about freezing to death.  Really!  Instead of being a gnarly 95, we’ll be be lucky if it hits 70.  For those of us (me!) with a two degree temperature comfort zone, it may be a challenge.

We generally sit on the river side of the park, and cooling breezes off the river come up just in time to keep us from keeling over from the heat.  I guess this year we’ll sit on the other side.  No need for the mist tent!  And instead of beers to cool us down, we may need other higher octane fare to keep us toasty.  If I recall correctly, there may be premium tequila shots to be had for a premium price.  Hmm.  I may have to find my flask.

Coats!  In the Sacramento area, in June!  It’s just plain freaking me out!

Last year Roy Rogers played the festival.  He was as hot as I’ve ever seen him and re-affirmed my faith in humans as musical instruments of the Gods.  Lordy but that man can PLAY.  Seriously, it gets me wet when he plays.  Whew.  [If you’re someone from my work, please disregard that last sentence.]

This year, Kenny Wayne Shepherd headlines,  and Mighty Mike Schermer , Rick Estrin and the Nightcats, and Joe Louis Walker are up, too.  It’s going to be great.    Shouldn’t have to try too hard to keep the ice chipped off – I suspect there will be DANCING!!!

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  1. And this year we had a lovely, warm Folklife festival. The last few days here were really toasty, but now we are back to the cool, cloudy June Gloom which is normal for Seattle.


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