Gene pool


Oh, my.  I don’t know what this picture is, but I suspect it is my father’s 10 yr HS reunion. Maybe 15.  But OMFG, is that some BIG HAIR or what?  My dad is the guy with the big ‘burns on the far right.  He had longish hair, everybody else looks like they were sporting army haircuts.   My hippie genes are come by honestly.

Also, all the men are on one side, then all the ladies.  And then my dad.  What up wit dat?

8 thoughts on “Gene pool

  1. Your dad must be close to my age. I think I have a picture like this of my 10 year reunion. But he might be 10 years older or so. I wonder how many women died from the fumes of all the hairspray it used to take to maintain those beehives?


  2. Man, don’t you wish you see exactly what that hair was DOING?
    My fave is the woman in the long white dress, front row centerish. Very TALL hair.


  3. holy. crap. that’s wonderful… i tried to make my hair do this once for a halloween costume, and had NO IDEA how to rat it up like that. did they put socks under there or something?


  4. Mair says:

    This is fricken hiLARious!! I think Dad is on the end next to all the women because he’s so dang short. The beehives are a good foot taller than he is! I like the “baby-in-the-hair” theory.


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