Urban Word of the Day

August 14:  pisshap

A mishap generally involving the mass consumption of alcohol and a misdirection of urine to an area other than the toilet. This usually occurs as the result of an alcoholic stupor.

Can also apply to any other misadventure in some way linked to piss.

Man, Mark was so wasted at his birthday party last weekend that he woke up in the middle of the night and peed all over his computer. It was quite the pisshap.


Hay, Fambly:  Anybody think of Don when they read this?  Where were we?  Was it Kathy’s?  I seem to remember a vanity and Don in the middle of the night.

Also:  when one ages, one may be more likely to have a pisshap when NOT drunk.  Maybe not as dramatically, but …

8 thoughts on “Urban Word of the Day

  1. Mair says:

    OMG! I was going to write… That totally reminds me of DG. I remember that it was the corner of a bedroom and I thought it was into a dirty clothes hamper… Hamper, vanity, same diff. Don’t remember where we were, however. I feel like it had something to do with the B/R wedding, although I could totally be on crack. GREAT word!!! HA!


  2. I think it was something to do with a wedding, too, don’t remember whose (who’s? I’m confused) but my misty memory timeline puts it about 20-25 years ago, so that would be around the b/r wedding, yes?
    Maybe it was a clothes hamper but I think I remember a mirror there. Must have been Kathy’s house? Oh, hell, where was this? The wedding was in Tahoe and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my house he peed in. Maybe.
    Thinking about this made me laugh enough that I nearly had my own pisshap.


  3. Okay ladies, here’s the DG pee story!!! It was in Tahoe at B/R’s wedding. I walked into a bedroom & DG was relieving himself on a round table/nightstand. Still have the picture in my head like it was last week.
    I just had a pisshap at the park YESTERDAY. My dog & I were fetching & he came at me wrong & I went flying, landing on my arse. That would be when the pisshap occurred. Today I have a very unhappy tail bone. An unfortunate mishap.


  4. So, I love that I have a picture in my head from YOUR story. Round mirror, round table, whatEV. Where in the hell WAS that in Tahoe? Did I get my ex landlord to front us a place? I cannot f*cking remember anything except DG and the Pee. And that none too clearly.
    Also: sorry about the tailbone! An unhappy end. 🙂


  5. I was the one that walked in on him,that would be why I remember so clearly! The house was arranged through your friend, don’t remember her name. She made some sort of picture for you, for a wedding gift. We all stayed there I think.
    I decided better a pisshap than a craphap! :o)haha
    Good one on the “unhappy end”!


  6. I didn’t think it was me that walked in on him, but your description obviously made a deep impression on me. Craphap, HAHHAH!
    Neva Trevithick = wonderful friend who embroidered the picture. I think she had a brain tumor, some 15 years ago. She was very psychic and used to contact me, sort of. Very weird, speaking of pictures in my head ….
    I just googled her and found a lawsuit where she was plaintiff in 2007 so maybe she’s still around. Perhaps I could find her! She was a very interesting human being and I was sorry to lose touch with her.


  7. Mair says:

    These stories all made me laugh!! Margie added her two cents by saying that it was gambling related. We were trying to get some money out of his wallet, which is why we (Mom/Kathy??) were sneaking in, in the middle of the night. Mom said that K and I needed the $$! DG’s 80th birthday is next week. Margie is afraid to ask him about his swinger’s group, although there’s a part of her that wants to know!! HAHAHA There’s a pisshap waiting to happen!!! 🙂


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