September 9: dish envy

Sudden, intense longing and regret derived from watching a particularly appetizing dish being delivered to a nearby table, and realizing that one has made an inferior menu selection.

Hank was eagerly anticipating his scallops when the waiter brought the stuffed pork chops to the man at the table next to him. Unable to avert his gaze, Hank began to feel the anguish of dish envy.


 I get this every time I eat in a restaurant.  I’m a poor visualizer and my food is never what I expect.  But everyone else’s is more than I imagined.  I suppose that’s meaningful in some insightful way that I will never understand.  Grass is always greener and all that, perhaps.

3 thoughts on “UWOD

  1. Sadly, I don’t live in a tapas-rich area. Great idea, though. Also, people should always just give me some of their food, don’t you think? 🙂 Including the people at the next table, because THEIR stuff REALLY looks delectable.


  2. i have been in a pub where the conversation led to sharing food across a table… it was magic. dish envy? hells yeah. people just need to be more open to the concept of ‘family style’ within the confines of a restaurant!


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