November 8: Febreze shower

When you haven’t showered (and don’t have time to), but you don’t want to go out smelling bad, so you spray yourself with Febreze instead.

Brandon was running late for class, so he settled for a Febreze shower.



So, I’m not sure if this is better or worse than the guys who bathe and then bathe again in aftershave.  Bleah. I really, really dislike aftershave.  I want to know what a guy actually smells like. 

2 thoughts on “UWOD

  1. Hah! I thought Febreeze would cover up anything! Poor Mr. Pickles, and poor Daisy! All my obnoxious animals and all the skunks around here have never (yet) resulted in a skunking. Amazing! BTW, that loud rapping noise is me knocking on wood.


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