New and improved

or not.

Crud, I really want two sidebars.  I like this candy-feeling skin, it’s called Dum-Dum.  Cute, wot? I’m going to be swapping back and forth with various skins, trying to figure out what I’d really like to see up here.  Maybe I’ll go back to what I started with.  I’m talking to myself, I know that, right?

Onward and upward:  I built my new computer, it’s up and running except for the soundcard which is some sort of installation/user spasm error.  I will let Bob The AudioPhile look at it tonight.  I love not having to do this shit if I don’t have to.  Bob rocks.  It’s only fair, anyway.  He bought the sound card.  I would have bought a $29 one.  This one is a Xonar D2X – rather more than $29, I suspect.   All the ports on the back are lit up with different colors.  Oooooh, pretty!

Meanwhile, I can’t wait to see how many apps and files I’ve missed moving from one pc to the next.  I have my old computer, headless, under the desk and am remoting into it as necessary when I discover yet another missing piece.  Pretty soon I’ll have the new computer as junked up as the old one.  Yay!

I must say, I’m quite happy with the Windows 7.  Haven’t noticed any compatibility issues of any consequence so far, and I don’t seem to be having any trouble finding things.  And when I do,  I ask the Help file where whatever it is an it tells me.  So far, it’s worked every time which is a flippin’ miracle.  I mean, have you tried the help files on XP?   Or any other MS product?  Oy.

4 thoughts on “New and improved

  1. I think it’s very cute! But I hear ya about having two sidebars. Kind of like having extra closet space.

    Can you imagine the XP “help” files in Spanish? They’re even worse. I’ve never tried them on Vista.

    You built a new computer? Desktop?


  2. like it! clean and sweet… always liked to have a new computer before the old one completely crapped out so i could get back and recover what had been forgotten in the rebuild… another good reason not to build ‘franken-desktop’… canibalized parts? bad mojo…


  3. bc says:

    I did build a new computer. Desktop. It’s speedy. Or, more accurately, it felt speedy for the first 30 seconds until I got used to it and then it felt like every other computer. Happens at work all the time, I tell people to watch for it, then when they complain their new computer isn’t any faster than their old computer I sit them down in front of their old computer for a minute. Ooooohhhh. You’re right, it IS faster ….

    I actually did reuse my video card from the old computer in the new computer, it was only about a year old – and luckily, since I’m such a frigging packrat, I had the really old video card from the first machine so I put that back in the old machine and Voila! I can take my time moving all the crap I don’t need to the new computer.


  4. Mair says:

    I like the new skin, but I miss the other sidebar. There’s all this empty white space on the left…

    And I REALLY like your pictures.


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