Two days ago:  I was farting around again with different blog skins today and managed to lose my text widgets.  I have no idea how I did that.  For being such a geek, I surely can get buffaloed easily.  But, I miss my random quotes of the $TIME PERIOD.  No idea how to get them back.

And all the skins I tried were worse than this one.  This would probably be easier if  I knew what I wanted.

In other news:

We saw Elvin Bishop and Buddy Guy at the Marin Center Friday night.  It’s a Frank Lloyd Wright building, quite nice except for dearth of women’s stalls.  The show was awesome.  I have never seen Buddy in person but have numerous albums.  He rocked my socks off, if you can say that about an old blues cat.  He was fabulous.  So much better in person than on CD.

Today: I’m still farting around with the skins, trying something new and infinitely weirder, but I kind of like it.  Still can’t find the text widgets.  Dammit!  But I did find some pictures from the show.


Elvin Bishop on top of his game


Blurry pictures from my camera but you can tell what great seats we had.  That’s because our blues buddy Pat let me know when the tickets went on sale and we went online that minute and bought them.


Buddy Guy – absolutely the greatest.

We stayed at the Embassy Suites next door to the Marin Center.  Had a great room, cheap, with free booze before the show and breakfast the next morning.  Their only ding was that we all came back from the show ready to party through the night and they closed the bar at 11:00.  Sheesh, talk about a missed opportunity.  They should know that us blues lovers can drink our weight in hard liquor before and after and the show, and really, really want to prove it.

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