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    • bc says:

      My favorite part is the splayed back legs on that pup toward the end. So fat and useless! I want one! A french bulldog, I mean, not a set of splayed back legs.


  1. I’m a little confused. Is that puppy… deformed? Crippled? Those back legs remind me of my cat that had scoliosis. Other than that, get down with yer bad self, cat! Way to keep those pups in line!


  2. bc says:

    I think the dog is very young and very fat and that’s the only problem with the back legs. It is much worse on the slick floor, if you’ll notice. The dog is uncoordinated. Hell, so is its mother. I’ve watched this about 80 times, I’ve become somewhat of an expert on French Bulldogs. :):)


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