Happy Thanksgiving, People.


One of the groups I belong to for the non-profit sector had a whole tweet day dedicated to things they were thankful for.  It was a nice thought but gaggingly boring to follow. These tech people… non-profits in particular ….

Just for the record, I’m thankful every goddamned day and I think about it.  Seriously.  I’ve somehow managed to get this old with all four limbs intact, most of my own teeth, and vision that is a 1000 times better than I was born with.  I’m mostly healthy and strong, have a marriage that is an 88-90 on a 1 to -10o scale after 7 years (last one was about a 22 after 7 years) and a job that I used to like a lot for many years and will soon be leaving.

That last bit is … I’m thankful I believe I can still rally and go get hired somewhere else.  I wasn’t thinking that way for awhile.  Someone will figure out I’m a jewel and be thrilled to have me and I will be a great asset to their business.

And another thing:  I’m so old I’m not going to get H1N1 this year.  I like that. A benefit to old age that doesn’t hurt!


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, People.

  1. i’m not getting pig-tagged either… old. good to be here!

    glad you’re more optimistic about the job change. had a friend get caught in a massive corporate cluster-f, and she was horrified about finding a new job. took a couple months. when she was hired? she continued to get interview requests… i think you’re right. be patient. be aggressive. you got skilz.


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