In which Sissy shows us how tense she is

This dog … has no trouble relaxing.  She leans on Bob, and then pretty soon she’ll melt right into the floor.  Have you ever seen a dog sit like this?  Lorena, watch for signs in Backup Dog.  This started after 5 years.  It may be happening because she is getting as old and fat as we are.  Le Sigh.


And here she has a pillow for her head that I had conveniently tossed at Goob a little earlier.


Speaking of Le Pew or something, I thought these were cute:


3 thoughts on “In which Sissy shows us how tense she is

  1. Bwahaha on all fronts! Love the salt & pepper shakers. And love the pup! Backup Dog always needs a pillow, or a toy to snuggle. When there’s absolutely no toys around I’ve seen her try to sleep on her feet. Crazy contortionist! And Old Dog already does the melting thing. We call that her “stupid spot”, when we scratch or rub her chest like that. 🙂


  2. bc says:

    ooooh, poor Sissy, we’re going to be calling that her Stupid Spot from now on. Perfect. Damn, she knows I’m laughing at her.


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