Free association picture sharing


I ask you:  Which parts of the couch and chair do you think are most comfortable?  I wish I could fit up there.


Cheetah becoming one with the back of the couch.   This is the diabetic cat.  She comes up and sits on the half wall there beside her when it’s time to get her shot.  Much better than trying to chase her down and fish her out from under the bed.

I think I posted this next set already, but I can’t find them so maybe I dreamed it.  It’s from last summer.

First pic, I’m stealing grapes from the neighbor’s grape vines, thereby keeping the rats/mice slightly less well fed. Thanks, Bob, for capturing this for posterity.


This is the spoils of the raid:


Sweetest, most delightful little grapes on the planet.  I’ve never bought anything even close in the store.  This area is where the Thompson Seedless was developed.  Probably from these old bushes. 🙂  Lorena:  I LIKE GRAPES.

Here are my kitchen window cacti.  First one was Bob’s and was already there when I moved in.  It was much, much shorter and I don’t believe it had ever been watered. (“What do you mean, how often do I water it?” asked Bob. “It’s a cactus!  It doesn’t really expect water, does it?”)


This next cactus is one of those ugly hybrids.  It looked like an elephant ear when I bought it.  No special appendages.  It looks very phallic now but was much worse when it only had two round knobs under the tall skinny part.  Yes.  It did.  Now, it looks sort of  … cancerous. I can’t decide if it’s better or worse.  I just think ZOMBIES when I see it.


Last but not least, I finally had a cactus bloom:


Yeah, I know.  Green thumb.  It’s not even a real cactus.  So the bloom seemed perfect.

Time to break out the Christmas boxes now.  MORE WINE, PLS

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  1. throw glitter on all those damn cactii and have more wine… and steal more grapes… and take more pictures of your critters, because they’re funny (why yes, i HAVE been drinking, thankyouverymuch)


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