San Francisco


We went to San Francisco for the weekend – had a great time!  Saw Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo – very, very good.  Jaw dropping entertainment for all ages.  Watch the trailer on the link for a tiny taste.  We were right up front.   We ate at Ponzu after the show.  Also super.  We pretty much ate one of everything they had.  It was great!  Except that they ran out of Guinness on tap, if you can believe that.  And that was after we’d all had one beer. Had to change horses in the middle of the stream as it were.

We stayed at the Larkspur Hotel on Sutter St.  It was wonderful!  Great place for the price.   They’ve redone the inside and made a lot of long, narrow suites.  Great furniture, windows that opened, a city view for miles.  Nice Lather shampoo (I want to call those free toiletries condiments but I suppose that’s just not quite right and toiletries will have to suffice) … and toiletries. They supplied eucalyptus bath salts for my bathing pleasure.  The bed was even great.  If it had a restaurant and/or real bar I’d give it a 5 out of 5.   As it was, there were plenty of both within easy walking distance. If you can define going up and down hills as easy.  Damn San Francisco is lumpy.

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