How’s YOUR holiday going? (warning, dumb quiz to follow)

Thanks, Az, for sharing this.

You Are Blissfully Content

During the holidays, you have a lot to be thankful for. And even if you are having a hard time, you do your best to express gratitude.
You are a glass half full type of person. You try to see life as a gift.

You believe that it’s important to stay positive and peaceful. Not just for your own mental health, but for also for the mental health of those around you.
The gift of optimism is the best thing you could possibly give. And you give it well.

One thought on “How’s YOUR holiday going? (warning, dumb quiz to follow)

  1. I’m having a fabby Christmas.

    It’s all rainy here today though, so Nog & I have set up chess, backgammon and scrabble and are playing all three simultaneously while drinking cava, watching It’s A Wonderful Life and snacking on left-overs from last night’s Christmas Eve dinner. Life is good.


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