Buggers, I am drunk on my ass.  Watching Wanda Sykes on HBO, “I’ma Be Me” show.  Killin’ me.  She is so funny she’s making me cry.   She is so funny I remembered a line and put it over in a text box there over on the right.  Yeah!  If you are female and over 30 you need to watch this, even if you have to sleep with someone to use their HBO for 2 hours.  Well worth it, even if they have a dick the size of your little finger (shades of Sex in The City).

I’m off until the 4th now and so happy I could just sh*t a brick.  No, really.  Glad.  Very.  Three days from hell this week, and now it’s over for 11 days, more or less.  I say more or less because I’m still on call but mostly, LESS.  Yes.

And, um, Merry Christmas or something.

4 thoughts on “Ftttt

  1. bc says:

    Daisy, you will REALLY like it, guaranteed.
    Lorena: You must be related to me.
    Merry Christmas, ladies, and a better 2010 for everyone!


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