January 11: mid-day crisis

when one is in a desperate need for a siesta because they become extremely tired in the afternoon and coffee isn’t cutting it any longer.

“working at panera sucked today after that wild night of drinking. i had the worst mid-day crisis ever.”



Man, I have these all the time.  Not from drinking.  It’s from old age, I reckon.  I’ve turned into my Grandmother and I need a little “lie-down” to “rest my eyes”  in the afternoon.  Her words.  I remember she used to curl up on an old lumpy horsehair-filled couch.  She liked the lumps, she curled around them and they fit her.

As a frequent flyer in the Insomniacs club, I try NOT to nap during the day but I’m afraid it’s becoming a losing battle . 

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  1. A typical siesta in Spain is 20-30 minutes after lunch. Usually on the sofa or in a comfy chair – not in bed. And lunch is usually some time between 2-4.

    After operations and while on chemo I had no choice but to take naps, but even now I find myself flagging around 4 in the afternoon. A half-hour lie down actually helps me sleep better at night (and you know I’m quite the insomniac too) than if I just stick it out until I catch a second wind. You might find that short siestas end up helping you sleep better if you make them a regular part of your routine. Lots of studies show that our metabolic rate drops mid-to-late afternoon.

    In fact, I’m off for my siesta now. Hasta pronto!


  2. bc says:

    Wow, all this time I didn’t factor the second wind thing into the insomnia. I’ll bet you’re spot on. The classes I’ve taken through my medical provider warned against naps but I’ll bet you’re right and they’re wrong, particularly as one ages.

    My biggest problem is I’m at work in the afternoon. If weather permits, I sometimes sneak down to my car for 15 minutes of shut-eye. No place at work inside for a lie down.


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