Top Five :)

 5> Bud, Bong and Beyond  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 

February 3, 2010

                        NOTE FROM CHRIS:

       It looks like marijuana — THE GATEWAY DRUG!!! —
       is slowly being legalized in more and more states.

        TopFive refuses to take a position on this very
        controversial issue, except to ask if you could
         please run to the 7-Eleven and bring us back a
       bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and a microwave burrito.
             The Top 20 Names for Marijuana Stores
20> Pot Barn

19> Brookstoned

18> Aeropotsale

17> THC Friday’s

16> Spliffany’s

15> Victoria’s Secret Stash

14> Best Bud

13> Tokes ‘R’ Us

12> Yankee Cannabis

11> Herb DePot

10> Grass Spliff Avenue

 9> Fillabong

 8> Williams-Sativa

 7> Pipe Boys

 6> Starbuzz

 5> Bud, Bong and Beyond

 4> Abercrombie & Spliff

 3> Things Forgotten

 2> Laura Hashley
   and’s Number 1 Name for a Marijuana Store…
 1> Whoa*Mart

         [ Copyright 2010 by Chris White/ ]

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