Two things that are okay about getting old:
1. My hearing is going, so much so that I no longer need to wear earplugs to bed most of the time. Now normal house/animal/people noises don’t wake me up every 6 minutes. Just every 12 minutes. It’s like a freakin’ vacation.

2. Mosquitoes don’t like me anymore now that I’m old and tough and bitter. When I was young, I always had quarter+ sized welts going. I don’t miss that. I adore seeing the mosquitoes homing in now on younger, sweeter meat, completely passing me by. It almost makes up for the stiff joints and the size Long bras.

5 thoughts on “Old

  1. bc says:

    Mair: size Long is for gramma-type boobs that hang down to your knees. You know, the kind of boobs that you have to roll up to stuff into the cup. Come to think of it, you probably DON’T know, you lucky thing.
    Daisy: I think I was channeling Erma Bombeck when I wrote it. Seriously, she was on my mind.


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