On make-up

I figured out this morning that it’s easier to put my make-up on in the dark. No need to fuss with getting the lipstick in the right place that way, no worries about defining the wrinkles one way or another. I put it on, assume it’s right, and then go. Much more efficient.

And, in a similar vein, sometimes I apply my eyeshadow so badly/randomly/quickly/distractedly that later in the day it makes women sitting across from me unconsciously try and smooth theirs out. I shouldn’t think that is as funny as I do, but there it is. Does that mean I have a bad attitude? Heh. It’s mostly only one person who does the unconscious blending thing and honestly, the weirder I am in her eyes the better I like it.

You know what this also means? I never look in the mirror when I’m in the bathroom, or when I do, I don’t look at the makeup. I just look at how red my eyes are. Fricking flourescents and dry office air.

One thought on “On make-up

  1. i often catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror at work – mid-morning – to find that i’ve only applied eyeliner/mascara to one eye. fortunately? i work with engineers and i am quite certain they never notice… i wouldn’t be one of the gals smudging my eyeshadow. you’re fine. do what feels good…


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