Wonder how this will shake out?

HTML 5 Could Challenge Flash
Technology Review (03/23/10) Naone, Erica

The Adobe Flash plugin has maintained its status as one of the most common ways for developers to create complex interactive Web features irrespective of the browser or operating system used, but experts point to new browser technologies such as the HTML 5 open Web standard as emerging challengers.

Whereas Flash introduces additional capabilities to browsers following downloading and installation, the nonproprietary HTML 5 would guarantee that similar functionality is embedded within browsers that adopted it as a standard by default, with no single company controlling it.

At the recent South by Southwest Interactive event, industry experts discussed the possibility that HTML 5’s Canvas component–which permits graphics, animation, and interactive features to run inside a browser without any additional plugins–could replace Flash’s own in-browser graphics and animation rendering capabilities.

Complicating the competition between Flash and HTML 5 is the lack of support for Flash in Apple’s iPhone and iPad, while HTML 5 does not function on Internet Explorer.

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  1. I use both Firefox and Twitter. Because I have both personal & biz Twitter and FB accounts, it’s easier to just have them on different browsers than signing in and out all the time.


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