Color coordination and a little vacation

I’m a poet and I don’t know it but my feet show it cuz they’re LONGFELLERS.  OMFG I have regressed back to second grade.   Onward and upward from here.  Hopefully.

We’re trying to buy a new bedspread, and are looking for one that is the same color as all of our cats because it’s spring and they’re all shedding like crazy.  And it needs to be washable. Very important to be washable, as we have at least one cat barfer. I guess gray would be the base color, with some brown and orange thrown in. Needs to be Cal-King. And inexpensive. With shams and a skirt.  As it turns out, I’m asking for a LOT here.
Any good ideas for online shopping places would be welcome.

Bedding color 1, Grumpy Gray Cheetah

Bedding Color 2, Not Quite Sharing Gray, or Could I Get Any Farther Away Gray.   The current bedspread weighs about a hundred pounds (definitely not summer weight) and has to go to the laundromat for washing in the giant machine.  Not my favorite place to regularly spend 3 hours.  Also, I should have made the bed better before taking this picture, but then the animals would never have obliged.  Amirite?

We went to Ft. Bragg for my birthday last weekend. Got to celebrate being able to take a bath again with a jacuzzi tub. That was really nice and also cemented the knowledge that I don’t like jacuzzi jets, just like the bath part.  Good to know for future renovations.

Nice view from the tub.  What this shot doesn’t show is the giant construction mudhole right under the window.  Still, this was very nice.  And it smelled like bleach, a serious plus in a hotel tub if you’re planning to plant your arse in it.

I didn’t have enough energy to do much yet but that worked out as it rained like a motherfucker the majority of the time we were there. Got some “good” rain and rainbow shots, a few of which I have shared below.  The term “good” is used loosely here, as a) I was the photographer sometimes and b)when I wasn’t Bob was shooting from the moving vehicle.

For reference: Captions are mostly below the pictures.

We’re almost home here, looks like the rainbow ends at our house.  Yes, we live in the sticks.

I think these are cool pictures because they have a rainbow, rain on one side, and blue sky on the other.  Try not to look at the truck.

Rain and also not rain across Clear Lake.   This was beautiful.  The picture doesn’t do it justice or capture the sheer drama.

Bob took lots of wave pictures which I’ll spare you from, and a lot of animals.  We saw MANY vultures hanging out, and two wild turkeys standing by the road in two different places trying to decide whether or not they should step in front of a speeding car.   These two animal sightings may be related.   Also, geese on the bluff.

Duck duck GOOSE.  This was probably a nesting pair.  Below, Bob scares them away.

Okay, ONE wave picture.  The surf was very high from the storms rolling through.  I may have to use this one as my desktop picture for a while.

Warning, scary road ahead.

Said scary road, where the road had been washed away and repaired/repaved very recently.  There were two spots like this.   The ocean is right there on the left, you can’t quite see that but trust me, it was close.  Made me a tiny bit nervous going over it with the surf so high and the clouds rolling in.

The trees were so dense over this road that they blocked the satellite radio.  I thought that was amazing, but it probably wasn’t.

Some typical coast scenery, foggy trees in the background.  Lot of cloud drama going on here.  If you want to see these pictures in a bigger, clearer format either click on them (pretty slow) or they’re on the picasa site here.

8 thoughts on “Color coordination and a little vacation

  1. GREAT pics – sounds like a wonderful place to vegetate for a birthday!

    i share your trauma with the bedspread. seems the colors i nee are not what the designers have on the shelves this year. i am going to attempt to make a duvet cover and some pillow cases. it’s just a square. how hard can it be? (yes, this won’t end well… but since i haven’t started looking for fabric yet, it’s gonna take as long as the microwave installation. expect pics in about 5 months).


  2. bc says:

    Packy – thanks, this was the first time in ages I’ve felt like writing a little. I start back to work tomorrow. Bleah.
    Az – I had some female plumbing surgery – not supposed to bathe for a month and I’m a big bath taker. We have a tub, just wasn’t supposed to use it. I missed it like crazy, especially in the beginning when I was so sore.
    Daisyfae – Good Lord! What a concept! I would guess that finding the right material is nearly as hard as finding a spread pre-made. That makes me think, though, and I DO have a sewing machine although I don’t remember how to thread the fucker. Also, how in the hell do you get duvet innards to not wad up in the corner of a duvet cover? Inquiring minds want to know.


  3. Hey, I wondered what happened to you….! Sending good vibes your way; also strong virtual drinks.

    Re: bedspread – I got a great one at Target, that is red/brown/black/white/grey… all the colors of my cats. Sadly they don’t seem to have it online anymore. 😦 It’s reasonably lightweight and washable at home, too. Sigh.

    Re: “I’m a poet and I don’t know it…” My grandmother used to say that ALL.THE.TIME. … Not to say you’re old (!) but that really brought me back and made me smile.


  4. bc says:

    Lorena – I think it was my Grandpa who used to say that Longfellers thing. Why that pops into my head now I’ll NEVER KNOW. It just does periodically. And I always want to say it out loud. Fortunately for those around me, I curb the impulse most of the time.
    I looked at Target, didn’t see anything that looked like it would work. Dammit.


  5. well, obviously i don’t have all the answers because i haven’t really started. i’m planning to use my mid-weight feather comforter for the innerds… have an opening at the bottom of the duvet so i can take it out, wash the dog fur off the outside, and air out the innerds. right. will post those photos sometime in 2011 if i ever get around to this project!


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