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So, you all know by now that all the tweets from the beginning of time are going to be archived in the Library of Congress, right?

Here’s a good example of one of the first tweets to be archived-

Some of these are pretty funny –

Ben Franklin tweeting – that’s a joke, son.  Also, I love that the guy (Brian Barrett) who did this went in and made appropriate twitter-page-looking backgrounds for all the tweets he did.   The useless creativity astounds me.  And makes me laugh, so maybe it isn’t so useless.

3 thoughts on “News #libraryofcongress

  1. bc says:

    I think this is actually funny. As soon as people found out the twitters were going to be archived in the Library of Congress, they started doing things like
    I like Bacon #libraryofcongress
    I’m not wearing any pants #libraryofcongress
    Archive this, bitches! #libraryofcongress
    (The hash tag #xxxx enables the tweets to be grouped together in searches and is widely used)
    I’ve been rather enjoying this whole thing. Maybe you have to be there ….


  2. The “bitches” at the end of that tweet is what kills me. But yeah; the whole thing is kind of laughable.

    Also, I’m not wearing any pants either! Bitches! #therearetimeswheniamfunnyandthentheresnow


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