Happy Birthday, Kathy!

You are officially a grown-up now!


Do you remember this?  Yeah, me either.  Too much tequila.

Now that we’re grown-ups, we probably should just  drink vodka.   This picture was from Thanksgiving a couple of years back.

Now:  Some more random fun old (or not) pictures.

Boys and their peckers …

Sissy's fine ears

Sissy’s fine ears

Andrew and Sissy

Andrew and Sissy

shot in the LB

The Front View Is Even Better

or not

On the table in May – Happy Gerberas

Pre- Health Care Reform

Feral blobs in the garage right now

Goob in his pool

I think my friend Kim may have sent this one in, except that she went ahead and served in Niger.
Cured her of ever wanting to eat millet again.  I actually snagged this picture from Postsecrets.

My pathology

This may be my new avatar.

Happy Birthday, Kath.  I can send you some kittens if you want.

Don’t forget to look at the lovely card I sent Postage Due.  Um, sorry about that.

I love you!

One thought on “Birthday!

  1. Packy says:

    OMG…..I so do NOT remember that! LOL…I am sure we are having a fabulous time though!! Thanks Sister! 🙂 I’ll keep telling myself it’s good to be a grown up.


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