Smells that remind us it’s summer

* Coconut and B.O.
* Neighbor’s grill reeking of too much lighter fluid
* Steamy Port-O-Potty
* The Smells of Summer candle we light while staying indoors
* Teenage hormones
* Squirrel hormones
* House fire from an errant bottle rocket
* Hot dog. (The pet, not the food.)
* Unwashed masses
* Week-old roadkill
* Citronella and beer
* Forgotten swimsuit somewhere in a hot car

from the Shoebox blog

3 thoughts on “Smells that remind us it’s summer

  1. bc says:

    I figured out another one. Vinegar, as in cucumbers in vinegar. Sometimes with onions, sometimes with sesame, but mostly vinegar and only in the summer.


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