Mimi and Eunice

This is a bitchy little comic I’m enjoying.  It’s um, rather pointed in certain panels.  Most panels.

Check out this comic and more on mimiandeunice.com!

Check out this comic and more on mimiandeunice.com!

Also?  I do the last one on a regular basis, in between moments of forgetting other moments of really perceptive clarity.  I’m taking things in hand, though, and will attempt to write them down.  It’s only taken 30 or so years to figure out that I have these blinding flashes of understanding and that and forget them just as quickly, no matter how much I repeat them to myself in the moment.

Of course this will probably shake out a bit differently.  In my troubled youth I smoked a great deal of good weed during one of my experimental phases.  I thought the conversations and insights were brilliant during these trials but I couldn’t remember them.  One night I finally wrote one of the blinding flashes of insight on a piece of notepaper and put it where I’d see it the next day.

It read, “It sure is smoky in here.”

Kids, just say no.

4 thoughts on “Mimi and Eunice

  1. Beth says:

    Did we hang out in college … no, don’t think so, but sometimes I read the stuff on your website and wonder which one of us adopted – we could be related. 🙂


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