RIP Gazette

I fed the outside tortoise-shell type kitty, Gazette, this morning.  She was happy to see me and meowed FEED ME FEED ME like she always does when the canned food comes out.  She scarfed it down as usual and walked toward the garage door.  I went back in the house and hit the shower.   15 minutes later Bob went in and she was dead with her eyes open.  Looks like she walked to the door and just tipped over, dead.

She was somewhere between 15 and 18 years old.  We recently moved and she hadn’t really adjusted very well to the move.  She was born in the garage in the old house and had never lived anywhere else.  I tried to get her to become a house cat when I first moved in but she always preferred the garage.

She was very loving and mellow.  She was also the most allergy-producing cat I’ve ever been around.  She did that to everyone.  Hold her, pet her, go wash face and hands if you wanted to be able to see.   Eye-watering cat. She drooled when she was happy.  I will miss her.

5 thoughts on “RIP Gazette

  1. bc says:

    Wow, I miss her way more than I thought I would. Weird two days. And the orange garage cat (Mr. Long) hasn’t been around for 3 days now. 😦 Don’t know what’s going on.


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