From Desmond Tutu:

Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

Nice, eh?

We are moved, but the house is still rather a nightmare.  I can’t get caught up.  But I will, sometime.  Hopefully before Christmas.  We’ve had to have a plumber 3 times, and today I had to call an electrician.  And two microwaves have gone kaput in 6 weeks.  Good lord! Power is out now, waiting for a ring back from said electrician.  Didn’t want the place to burn down while we’re at work.   The place is likely booby-trapped, from the ANGRY man who lost it prior to the contractor’s flip that we bought.  That’s according to the neighbors.  And, BTW, Hallelujah!  We have great neighbors as far as I can tell.  Not too noisy, all have dogs that are well taken care of. I’m not sure the neighbors on the left are doing their bit for spaying and neutering their cats, though.  Seem to be a couple of toms and a pregnant female that hang around there.  Bleah.  That again.

Mr. Long came back, he is happy to be the only garage cat, I think.  Very lovey. But we’re going to get one of those electric doors with the collar to match so he can get in but the toms can’t.  I’m tired of tomcat pee in the garage.  He probably is, too.   I miss seeing Gazette, but Mr. Long seems to have forgotten about her.

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