Funniest website I’ve seen this year

I think  you have to have an iPhone or at least a smartphone for this to be completely hilarious, because you’ll know from experience how true it all is.

I’ve had this exact vag correction.  Really!  Gawd.  I have been reading this at work, with tears running down my cheeks.

Also, I have a hard time gagging down that Terbium.  Tastes like chemicals.


Okay, here’s one of mine from last week.

3 thoughts on “Funniest website I’ve seen this year

  1. How do you get Terbium from Redbull? Do I have to have an iPhone to know why? Sigh. Me, with my sad little Pantech Duo, with the “f” and “g” keys that don’t work, that make it so hard to use my favorite curse words.


  2. Beth says:

    Usually the worst typo corrections that happen to me are from skipping a space or adding a letter where the space is. Go check the post again. I’m about to add a typo of my very own from last week.


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