I love haiku

ThinkGeek has been collecting haiku for their monthly newsletter and I snagged some of it to share with  you, my favored and favorite intarweb pals.

Because it’s via ThinkGeek, it’s all geek-related.  It’s cute.  I’m going to create a few, too.  Tomorrow.

Please feel free to come up with your own and put ’em in the comments section.

Steaming hot laptop
On my boyfriend’s lap becomes
Form of birth control.
— Hana in The Shire, Middle Earth

jIba’ Quo’nos-daq
qeqtaHvIS tIQqu’ lurDech:
tlhIngan Haiku!
I sit here on Quo’nos
Practicing the ancient tradition:
Klingon Haiku.
— Dale in Redding, California
[love love love this one]

The Mac hates popcorn
I dropped some on the keyboard
It kernel panicked
— Derek in Hoboken, New Jersey

Use the Force, Malcolm
Gorram reavers on our tail!
Oops, wrong universe.
–Taylor in Montgomery, Alambama

Spam in my inbox.
Can I really help this guy?
From Nigeria?
— Timothy in Peterborough, England

When I read haiku,
I hear it in the voice of
William Shatner.
–Shannon in Wall, New Jersey

the tricorder broke
communicator is dead
and my shirt is red
–Jeffrey in Dallas, Texas

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