Mr. Long tells a joke

I love this picture.  He’s a good natured cat, and it looks like he’s laughing.   Maybe he was!

Now, I just wish he wouldn’t take off for 3 days at a time.  I always worry.  He comes back hungry, but shiny and happy.  I didn’t think neutered cats were supposed to take off like that, but he always has.

4 thoughts on “Mr. Long tells a joke

  1. Beth says:

    He was back this morning, so I’m happy again. His coat is thicker than a couple of days ago. Maybe cold weather is finally coming.
    I’m going to go out and pick a rose out of the side yard right now. That is just really, really odd here at Thanksgiving time. I read somewhere that we will have to rethink the term “native species” in the warm days to come.


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