Christmas Cheer!

Decorating the tree today …  Here’s a little musical accompaniment to help get the deed done.  These were free and from Target, hence the lame vids.  Coulda shoulda just had a little play bar, but …

update:  I really hate some of these songs.

On a positive note, the tree is pretty, to wit:



Natlie Hemby

Little Jackie

Ceci Bastida

2 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer!

  1. Wow, you start Christmas really early! Tree looks lovely. I’m a bit concerned about my little table top one because of THE LOKILATOR. Might have to hang it from the ceiling…

    Maybe I’ll start the falling snow and put up my Christmas header on casa az tomorrow.


    • bc says:

      Well…. at least it’s December. I was excited to have a good place to put a tree in the new house.
      I do understand that I’m a terrible tree trimmer – and it looks just like how I paint. Unstructured, to the Max. 🙂


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