Brain droppings or something

What I’ve been thinking about

Google factoid o’ the day:    “Before bath tissue was introduced in the United States in perforated form in 1884, a number of outhouses in America were stocked with dried leaves.”
–hence that old saying reserved for times when something scared the shit out of you –  “Find a leaf to wipe your ass on.”
That pops into my head far more often than  it should.

Goob, big dumb slinky dog, has peed on the Christmas tree again.  I don’t know what to do about it.  He knows it’s wrong.  I’ve been keeping them in the house during the day to keep the neighbors from having a heart attack about barking dogs (any barking is too much barking, apparently) but if he’s going to pee on things (he hit a box, too) then I won’t have him in.  I could keep him in the kennel all day but that seems worse than making him stay outside with the bark collar.  Feh.  He’s in the house too much, I guess there’s only one thing to do.  The other question then becomes, “Do I make the other two stay outside, too, and keep him company?”
They’d much rather be in the house.   Damned dogs.

Figured out today we are going to have 14 people for Christmas dinner.  Whoa!  That’ll be a record for me. I’m not much in the hostess department – not enough practice! because we’ve never entertained much.  I think that might change for the better now that we’re in town.  Yay!

We’ll have 5 extra people sleeping here for at least 3 days, 2 extras for a lot more days than that.
Probably … this is all going to be great fun, if a mite crowded.  I think there will be much drinking and laughing and Wii-ing.  Not much sleeping I suspect.  We bought one of those queen air beds, and someone from work has a twin she’ll loan us, and we have one double in the guest room.  So it will be tight and snore-filled, but fun.  Someone could share Sissy’s big bed, too.  It’s on the floor but pretty comfy and she always likes company. 🙂