Random Factoid O’ The Day

The sensitivity of the human eye is so keen that on a clear, moonless night, a person with 20/20 vision standing on a mountain can see a match being struck as far as 50 miles away. Much to their amazement, astronauts in orbit were able to see the wakes of ships.

Also:  I got a mandoline last week.  Orka (cheap end).  I have already cut off one knuckle and the end of another finger.  That sucker is dangerous and I am band-aid ridden.  But I am such a corner-cutter that it is very, very VERY hard to make myself use the holder as soon as I really should.  It’s the first kitchen accoutrement that I’ve ever been afraid of, unless you count the disposal.   On a positive note, I’m pretty sure these qualify as cook’s scars.  Yeah, baby, I’m bad.  I have the bad, mad cooking skilz and the scars to prove it.

2 thoughts on “Random Factoid O’ The Day

  1. Packy says:

    Mandolines are great. Martha always uses them, but yes very dangerous! Watch the tips too (and maybe the tits!)! LOL


  2. Beth says:

    I got one tip and one knuckle. The tits aren’t big enough to get in the way. (although at this rate, they may soon be loooong enough)


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