NOT Fat Tuesday

… but I’m tired of looking at the other post every time my browser launches.

The baby shower plans seem to be coming together and I’m not TOO nervous.  As a bonafide introvert I’ve never been much on entertaining – it’s hard on me, but never-the-less I have a little entertaining muscle that wants to flex every now and again.  The baby shower is flexing it.  It’s already sore.  Aching, even.

My friend Sally is all about party planning, and she’s helping me get over the ‘it’ll happen by itself’ thing that I’m wont to do.  So now I’ve written some of it down!  Wow!  So what happens after you write it down?  Inquiring minds want to know.

32 people have RSVP’d so far.  That’s a lot of people.  I can borrow tables, we’ll just move the whole shebang to the back yard and pray for sunshine.    I’ve got just about everything else together, except the goody bags.  What are they for?  I know I should research these on the intarwebs but have not, so far anyway.  I just know you’re supposed to have some sort of goody bags.    I bought some pink see-through material bags with drawstrings, they are technically for a wedding but they’ll work for the girl baby shower.  Probably.   I’m just going to put random candy in them.  Who needs more junk?  Did I mention this was going to be co-ed?  Yes, it is.  Guest ages ranging from 17 to 70, male and female.  Most of the guests won’t really know the rest of the guests.   Won’t it be ever so interesting trying to keep everyone on the same page??  !

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “NOT Fat Tuesday

  1. bc says:

    Do you really think that’s all there is to it? Baby showers generally really suck, at least the ones I’ve been to. This will be short, two hours. How bad can it get in two hours? Plus, I’ll have booze nearby if it starts to go too far south. Thanks for the good wishes!


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