Links et al.

Check out these strange old black and white photos titled, appropriately enough, “Unexplainable Black and White Photographs.” The first ones are pretty weird.  Towards the end I was ‘getting’ a lot more of them.

Do you like Karaoke?  Have you ever wondered what might constitute the ‘perfect’ karaoke song?  Matthew of Defective Yeti has, and he did an amusing little write-up about it.

Party Central Update:   And here’s the great room, ready for a party, except I don’t have the balloons in place yet, will wait til tomorrow so they don’t wimp out before everyone gets here.
You can’t see the big table in the back on the left in this picture, but it’s there, with 10 more seats.  We moved most of the furniture around, some of it is in the bedroom and I will have to crawl over it to get to the bed. 🙂
Goob is in the front, showing us what a party animal he is.   Actually, he’s wondering how to get over to the rug so he can take a snooze.