Vancouver, eh?

Here I am in Vancouver.  Cool place so far!  The first 5 days I didn’t see any of it, had a work conference going and only saw the inside of the hotel except for the conference related outings.

Here was one of them – Capilano Suspension Bridge. First is the bridge, second is me on one of the tree top small bridges.


5 thoughts on “Vancouver, eh?

  1. the (un-)joy of conferences in cool locations is that you’re inside a hotel day/night until you can plot your escape!

    and i couldn’t do that bridge. either of them, in fact. i have a psychotic fear of heights… looks cool, though!


  2. bc says:

    I’m sometimes psychotic about heights, too. This was to test my mettle. And really, it wasn’t bad. We will go back, Bob wants to see it! Trying to catch Butchart Gardens.


  3. Beth says:

    Az – yes and no. I don’t really know raincoaster – mebbe next time? We’re leaving in the morning. Have had quite a nice stay here, at least after Bob arrived. The conference was fine but I really hated being trapped in the [luxe] hotel and only having whatever food they offered thru the conference. We switched hotels, got a little kitchen, and now my feet have un-swelled and my mouthful of canker sores have receded. Bleah. TMI, right?


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