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For you people with eating problems – celiac, vegan etc.:
I ate the greatest cookie today.  It was a Ginger Snapdragon.  Big, soft and dense. (I like my cookies like that, but NOT my men.) Ginger and molasses, totally spiced out is how they are billed.  Dairy free, egg free, certified organic.  From  Utterly delicious if you’re a ginger fan.  And self limiting by dint of being so freaking expensive that you won’t buy them more than once a year.  It wouldn’t be so bad if one weren’t paying shipping ….

Last night I dreamed I looked out the kitchen window and there was a Carolina Parakeet on the bird feeder.   I was awestruck and so happy.  These beautiful little birds have been extinct in the wild since 1904.

There were not any Carolina Parakeets at the feeders when I got up, but there were various kinds of finches (mostly gold), some hummingbirds, a couple of jays, a black capped chickadee and a bunch of sparrows.  And my favorite, a spooky little gray something, possibly titmouse with a good crown.   And some doves walking around below. Man, those doves just REEK of dumb.


I didn’t ever report back on the baby shower.  Well, here it is. My friend Corey helped [more or less told me what to do when I started going in circles which was most of the time] so it came out fine.  The most people in the house at one time was 28 but mostly around 20, so that wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  It did rain, so we just moved the furniture into other rooms and put tables in the center.  It was fine.  There were cupcakes!

I made them, Corey frosted them.  I was going to buy them from some bakery but they were too damned expensive.  Like $2.50 EACH.  Gawd.  These turned out fine and I ate way too many of them. Quel Surprise!  Corey told me to put buttermilk in them which I did, and they were pretty good coming from a box.  Corey made the buttercream frosting.  Mmmmm.  Butter and sugar, what’s not to love?
During the gift opening we had the Make a Baby game.  The bubblegum was hard so Corey brought pink clay.  [Did I mention Corey did just about everything?  I owe her BIG TIME.]  Here are some of the astonishing results – click for bigger pictures if  you’re interested in detail – worth it on some of them:

The second entry (above) was “when the baby is two.”   The third baby won the prize.

Nick said, “You didn’t specify HUMAN baby!” Guess which one he made?


The baby momma and her friend, pre-festivity

The young man on the left observed that this was his first baby shower and “it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be!”  High praise, indeed. 🙂

Decorating the onesies and hanging out.  Nice shot of the trash bin there front and center.


Andrew and I both had a birthday this month.  Good gawd, I am 55 years old.  Sounds so old but as Kathy said, “There’s not much you can do about it.”   Dammit!

Andrew is still my baby at 26.

Here he is (above), giving us a fake baby shower shell-shock look,  with Jess the baby momma.

Andrew and a stuffed cat at the Natural History Museum in Pacifica 🙂

As a little devil.  He was around two in this.  Standing on top of the elephant slide.  This was in Yorba Linda, one of the 14 + or – places we lived early on.  Retail management.  Feh.


I have more Vancouver pictures, but I’m too lazy to get them off the computer quite yet.


In Other News

I bought a home-made potting bench off of Craigslist today.  Been looking at it for a month, and the seller dropped the price way down so I swooped in.  He lives in a different outskirt city and said he’d meet me halfway.   This is a big area.  Sac metro is around a million people, I think and there are another million people in the surrounding areas.

Anyway, this guy with the potting table said he’d meet me in the OSH parking lot not too far from my house.  I neglected to mention that it was probably 5 minutes for me, and 25 for him, but, whatever.

We met up and the bench was too wide to get in my dinky old pickup without banging up the fresh paint job.  So he offered to deliver it the rest of the way.   I was a little weirded out about letting him know where I lived because something about him was setting off my radar but I had his phone number and email and he had his daughter in the truck so I decided to suspend my paranoia for a time.  I tried to give him directions but I am terrible with directions so I finally just said, “Follow me, it will be much easier.”

He did, and we got there, and he got out of his truck and looked at my house and looked at my neighbor’s house and said, “If you would have said you lived next door to Derrick I would have known right where it was.”

What are the odds?  He’s good friends with my next door neighbor.



6 thoughts on “This and that

  1. I had been wondering about the baby shower. I thought maybe you were still traumatized and didn’t want to talk about it. 😉

    Thanks for the cookie link (damn egg allergy); I do love me a good spicy ginger cookie, so…. OM NOM NOM.


  2. bc says:

    DF – I’m still trying to figure out how to pay Corey back … she bought Fiestaware dishes after using mine, I might be able to buy her a new color or two –

    Az- YOU said it. 🙂 When I was a vegetarian the only thing I really missed was bacon. True story.

    Lorena – I thought about you when I posted the link … wait till you see the other kinds they make. Wow. You wouldn’t have to pay extra shipping from Gainesville but I do from here.


  3. MairMair says:

    Good story!! Did he introduce you to Derrick? Potting bench as in you’ll use it for planting, yes?? My brain was seeing you throwing pots, like with clay and a kiln…

    My Corey is Rochelle. If I ever have a party, Rochelle MUST be there. She knows how to do parties and I DON’T, in a big way.


  4. bc says:

    Mair, we already knew Derrick, so he didn’t have to.
    Yes, for plants, although I may throw a few pots in frustration occasionally ..
    It’s a good to have talented friends, amirite?


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