SNL’s Netflix apology

crap, wrong video. Stay tuned.

Here’s a link, anyway.  It’s funny.  And icky.

On a completely different note …

Here’s something very true from FB; I think I saw it first on one of DF’s posts.

I’m at a weird time in my life when I’m playing it very safe.  This is unusual for me (in the long view anyway).  But it seems like everything scares me right now, and everything is very hard.   I’ve been depressed, and that colors things – makes me want to try and stay in a safe little spot.  I hope I get past this and start enjoying things a little more.  I know I should count my blessings, and I do.    But no place is ever really safe.  Things change, and we just have to roll with it.

My long-time hair dresser friend has cancer again, and I think it’s all over but the shouting for her.  Doctors didn’t listen to her for way too long.  I imagine that happens a lot in our current health care environment unless you have a *lot* of money.