More than enough is just right

I was angry with my friend: I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe: I told it not, my wrath did grow.

You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough.

You are forgiven for your happiness and your successes only if you generously consent to share them.

In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.

The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.

Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.

A good local pub has much in common with a church, except that a pub is warmer, and there’s more conversation.
All from William Blake, 1757 – 1827

Fa la la la LA!

Oy, my vacation is over and Monday is coming in a couple of hours.  Many, many things to do before the end of the year.  I hope I get to some of them before January.

On a positive (as in taking up more space – convex? extended? ?DIStended?) note I am still full from Thanksgiving.  How is that even possible?

ttfn and Happy Three or So Days Until December.xxoo


Best comment thread of all time

So, this is the funniest comment thread I’ve ever seen.  From Gawker. I copied and pasted just so I could read it forever.

It’s a Food Product, Essentially’: Fox News Starts Spinning Pepper Spray Cops

Tonight, Fox News hosts Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly got to talking about a UC Davis police officer’s appalling use of pepper spray on nonviolent protesters over the weekend. Guess what direction the conversation took!

If you guessed “needlessly deferential to authority and dismissive to the suffering of protesters,” you guessed correctly!

“I don’t think we have the right to Monday-morning quarterback the police,” O’Reilly says, “particularly at a place like UC Davis, which is a fairly liberal campus.” God forbid! We’d never want to question Lt. John Pike’s decision to generously and indifferently dust peacefully sitting protesters with pepper spray from only a few feet away. Especially given that Davis is, you know, a liberal campus! And, gosh, even if we were going to Monday-morning quarterback the police, shouldn’t we remember, as Megyn Kelly tells O’Reilly, that pepper spray is “a food product, essentially”?

Now, look, Kelly and O’Reilly aren’t saying the cops did the right thing! God, no! “I agree [the tape] looks bad,” Kelly says. It’s just that the protesters were sitting in a place where they weren’t allowed to sit, so it’s kind of their own fault! And in any event what right do we have to judge a cop for spraying a simple food product on the faces of a bunch of liberal college kids doing something criminal? You know? Maybe he was just trying to feed them?

Megyn Kelly on fire hoses: “It’s a sports beverage, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on police dogs: “It’s a family pet, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on tasers: “It’s static cling, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on rubber bullets: “It’s a pencil eraser, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on hand grenades: “It’s a Fourth of July firework, essentially! God bless America.”
Megyn Kelly on beanbag rounds: “It’s a game of cornhole, essentially!”

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Megyn Kelly on brains; “It’s skull space-filler, essentially.”
Megyn Kelly on nightsticks: “It’s an olive branch, essentially!”
Excellent meme material..make it happen!
Megyn Kelly on waterboarding: “It’s a water park ride essentially!”

promoted by yourfriendandmine
Megyn Kelly on Auschwitz: “It was a three star hotel, essentially.”
Megyn Kelly on fingernail extraction: “It’s a mani-pedi, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on genital mutilation: “It’s a Brazilian wax, essentially!”
Megan Kelly on her haircut: “It’s a style, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on vet beatings: “It’s greeting liberators, essentially!”
I was going to say:Megyn Kelly on waterboarding: “It’s a Neti Pot, essentially!”

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Megyn Kelly on being laid off when your wife is pregnant: “It’s European style family leave, essentially.”

promoted by Rozelle’s Bagman
Megyn Kelly on zip-tie handcuffs: “It’s a Livestrong bracelet, essentially.”

Edited by Rozelle’s Bagman at 11/21/11 11:49 PM
Megyn Kelly on Jerry Sandusky: “He was having sex, essentially”.
Megyn Kelly on HIV: “It’s a common cold, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on the 9/11 hijackings: “They were like that Steve Miller Band Jet Airliner song, essentially.”
Megyn Kelly on tear gas: “It’s like a sad story, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on flashbangs: “It’s like a surprise party, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on sleep deprivation: “It’s like a cup o’ Joe, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on stress positions: “It’s like yoga, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on mock executions: “It’s like make-believe, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on the rack: “It’s a chiropractor, essentially!”

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Megyn Kelly on her lipstick: “it’s a fashion statement, I am just a mouth”.
Megyn Kelly on the deaths of Tupac and Biggy: “They were a product of feuds, essentially!”

Edited by RealAmurrican at 11/22/11 2:35 AM
Megyn Kelly on mustard gas: “It’s a hot dog condiment, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on nuclear weapons: “It’s a microwave dinner, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on sound weapons: “It’s a boom box, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on Molotov cocktails: “It’s a flirtini, essentially!”
megyn kelly on guantanamo: “ít’s a carribean vacation, essentially”

promoted by AUsername
Megyn Kelly on arsenic: “It’s a vitamin, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on handguns: “It’s a slingshot, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on Hitler: “Basically a guy with neat hair and a cute moustache”

promoted by gschristopher
OK this is ludicrous! here’s the play by play 1 the officers were apparently
ordering the protestors to disperse WITHING THEIR LEGAL AUTHORITY! and the
protestors were PASSIVELY RESISTING! 2 the chancellor wanted the police to
remove the protestors! that means the protestors were trespassing – BTW this
means that the protestors were breaking the law! 3 a law enforcement officer is
allowed to use a reasonable amount force to affect an arrest! 4 a law
enforcement officer is not only expected to, but TAUGHT to use one step above
the level of resistance on the use of force scale in order to overcome
resistance. 5 chemical munitions are not considered inherently dangerous and
they ARE made from chilli peppers, specifically the pepper oil that makes them
hot called Oleoresin Capsicum! and yes it is in it’s concentrated form. 6
Excessive force in this situation would have been if the police used force that
causes or could cause great bodily harm to the protestors. IE beating
them with clubs or sticks or using rubber bullets on passively resistant
protestors would be an excessive use of force. – they did not do that they used
pepper spray to entice the protestors to disperse on their own (by seeking out a
way to wash the spray out of their eyes) 7 if you had a drunk shouting at you
on your front lawn you would expect the police to arrest said drunk. and if he
was passively resistant he could be pepper sprayed too. The only difference is
the drunk is drunk and the protestors are protesting. they are both
trespassing. 8 if you want to be mad at someone be mad at the chancellor not
the police. the police were doing their jobs. The chancellor was not.

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Well! Someone certainly spoiled the mood.

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Megyn Kelly on incest: “It’s fatherly love, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on slavery: “It’s the ideal ownership society, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on atrocious and unnecessary spellings of first names: “It’s the most Anglo-Saxony-looking way, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on landmines: “It’s like a treasure hunt, essentially!”

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Megyn Kelly on pepper spray chemical burns: “It’s an affordable chemical peel, essentially!”

promoted by atlasfugged
The courts disagree with you. Look up the Humboldt case and marvel at how this police action is going to cost the city and university a huge chunk of cash. Protestors must be physically aggressive or attempting to flee in order to warrant the use of “pain compliance” techniques like pepper spray. Just because the police manual decided locking arms in a seated position is the line between peaceful and non-peaceful does not mean the courts agree.Also, “civil disobedience” by definition requires breaking the law. Now to head you off at the pass, I’m going to point out that you cannot equate sitting in a sidewalk with anything violent, destructive, or theft related. Why? Because violence involves hurting someone, destructive involves breaking something, and theft involves something being taken. Sitting in a sidewalk is asking someone to walk fifteen feet to the left or right (oh, the inconvenience!) and akin to sitting in the front of a bus or at the counter in a diner.

Shortest version possible: the Constitutional right to peaceful protest assembly is not trumped by local yokel nuisance-because-they-disagree-with-me laws.

Megyn Kelly on germanshepardman: “He’s a patriot, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on the electric chair: “It’s a massage chair, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on Fox News: “It’s entertainment, essentially!” Oh, wait a minute….
Megyn Kelly on Homelessness: “It’s urban camping, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on the rack: “It’s advanced Pilates, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on child porn: “It’s a home movie, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on irony: “It’s a traffic jam when you’re already late, essentially.”
Megyn Kelly on carpet bombing: “It’s a heavy downpour, essentially!”
Megyn Kelly on germanshepardman: “He’s a product of the US education system K-8, essentially!”
you forgot ‘essentially’megyn on essentially: “its the essence of the meme, essentially”

on herself: “i’m a new internet meme, essentially”

Edited by valleymann at 11/22/11 12:52 PM
It’s fine because the lawz says it’s fine! Move along, nothing to see here.
This, and the ensuing comment thread, is one of my favorite things that has ever happened. Great work!
Megyn Kelly on Casey Anthony: “She lost her kid, essentially!”
5. It may not be legal to pepper spray nonviolent protesters. HEADWATERS FOREST DEFENSE v. COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT.“…alleging that the officers’ use of pepper spray on the activists’ eyes and faces during three peaceful protests constituted an excessive use of force in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights.”

“…in light of Saucier v. Katz, 533 U.S. 194, 121 S.Ct. 2151, 150 L.Ed.2d 272 (2001), in which the Supreme Court describes the way in which to proceed when state officials assert qualified immunity in a § 1983 excessive force action.   Having reviewed the facts and circumstances of this case in light of Saucier, this panel reaffirms its conclusion that Lewis and Philip are not entitled to qualified immunity.

4. They were nonviolent protesters. What is one level above “just sitting there on the ground, passively waiting to be arrested”? Apparently, it is, “getting sprayed in the face with weapons-grade pepper spray.” Good to know.

According to some people who were there, several people had already been peeled off the line and cuffed when Officer Pike ordered them to stop because he was going to spray them. In other words, the arrest could have, and indeed WAS being effected without the use of pepper spray. Therefore, the pepper spray was gratuitous.

Do you understand that the students WANTED to be arrested? They felt that it was unfair that so few of them (3, IIRC) had been arrested for something they all participated in, and formed the line specifically to induce the officer to arrest them. The students want to be arrested. The cops want to arrest them. Where in this does the continuum of force even come in?

7. If a drunk was peacefully resisting on my lawn, I would not expect the cops to pepper spray him, because you don’t need to use violence to arrest peaceful protesters. They just lay there and you cuff them and carry them off. THAT’S THE DEFINITION OF NON-VIOLENT PROTEST.

@Joshua Bardwell “They just lay there and you cuff them and carry them off” <- This &
This thread is 100% win! Latecomer additions…Megyn Kelly on GOP Presidential debates: ” So it’s reality TV, essentially”
Megyn Kelly on skydiving accidents: “So it’s like regular skydiving, but faster, essentially”
Megyn Kelly on rape babies: “So they’re like regular babies, just more surprising, essentially”
Megyn Kelly on Bill O’Reilly: “So he’s Glen Beck, essentially”

Megyn Kelly on blowjobs: “It’s a job application, essentially!”
Gawker, can you repost this tomorrow, so this comment can win COTD please!?
Greatest….thread….EVER!!!! Whatever I can do to keep this one, I’m doing it..
Megyn Kelly on preemptive strikes: “It’s our turn, essentially.”

Megyn Kelly on Listening to Glenn Beck: “It’s a labotomy, essentially!”
On President Obama: “He’s someone who couldn’t play in the NBA, essentially!”

Unconscious Mutterings and a little tl;dr Thanksgiving

It’s that time again, folks (or folk, Daisyfae):

Subliminal Luna nina  

  1. Crushed ::
  2. Thanks ::
  3. Steam ::
  4. Bulletin ::
  5. Budget ::
  6. Value ::
  7. Aquarium ::
  8. Logo ::
  9. Information ::
  10. Lend ::





Here are mine:

  1. Crushed :: again  [or maybe pineapple!]
  2. Thanks :: for the memories
  3. Steam :: punk
  4. Bulletin :: board
  5. Budget :: line item
  6. Value :: added
  7. Aquarium :: Monterey
  8. Logo :: trademark
  9. Information :: technology
  10. Lend :: fail   <— it’s all about the bankers, isn’t it?

Here’s my little punkin head

We babysat her this week, she cried nearly the entire time her mama was gone.  Again.  Inconsolable.  She’s 6 months old already!  Going to be a headstrong little brat I suppose, like many of her close relatives. 🙂   But her world is ALL about mommy and possibly daddy.  We need to do a 30 minutes here, 30 minutes there with Grandma and get used to someone else’s solo presence.  Maybe.

Thanksgiving is at our place again. Having a few people.  Not a lot.  Mom and one sis, one of Bob’s boy’s, Bob’s sister but not the sister’s husband who is, for the 11th year, saying that his father is close to death and needs to be surrounded by his family at Thanksgiving.  Good manipulator.  It’s boring for him here, anyway.  He hates it, don’t know why.  Last year we got him to play with the XBox.   Andrew and J and K will be in attendance, possibly my friend Bev if the wet weather continues.  She doesn’t want to drive to Reno in the snow.  Can’t say as I blame her.  Everyone’s schedule keeps changing, so we may just have Thanksgiving buffet instead of a sit-down.   Whatever … there will be lots of food both days so no one will go hungry.   I have enough wine to get everyone drunk and stay that way for days.  And tequila.  Heh.  My poor mother.

Speaking of which, Mom will freeze again, I’m sure.  She’s  used to a lot higher temperatures than we have here. I keep the house at 72, which is really pretty warm unless you’re naked and sitting still.  I told her to bring long underwear.

Quote of the xxx

It’s hard to be religious when certain people are never incinerated by bolts of lightning.
– Bill Watterson.




Time for quotes

Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time.
– Abraham Lincoln, 1809 – 1865

Focus 90% of your time on solutions and only 10% of your time on problems.
– Anthony J. D’Angelo

Among all the wonderful things we have, we don’t seem to have a time to love. And to me that’s the fuel, that’s the fuel we need to make the engine go.
– Stevie Wonder

Time cools, time clarifies, no mood can be maintained quite unaltered through the course of hours.
– Thomas Mann, 1875 – 1955

It’s the time you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important.
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, 1900 – 1944

The job of art is to turn time into things.
– Robert Genn

We barely have time to react in this world, let alone rehearse.
– Ani Difranco


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Coming up on 11-11-11

November 7, 2011


Nigel Tufnel, ace guitarist for the band Spinal Tap,
is rightfully famous for having a custom-made amplifier
that trumps the standard 1-10 volume scale by going
all the way to 11; “Well, it’s one louder, isn’t it?”

This Friday (11-11-11) is unofficially Nigel Tufnel Day.
How will YOU commemorate this once-a-century occasion?

The Top 11 Ways to Celebrate Nigel Tufnel Day

11> Show up to work at 11:11. With an attitude.

10> Turn it up to 12, then spontaneously combust.

9> Two words: Pipers piping

8> New Top5 List: The Top 11 Reasons Spinal Tap Kicks
Metallica’s Wussy Ass!

7> Get a spinal tap and when the nurse asks you to rate your
pain on a scale of 1 to 10, smile as you wince and say, “11.”

6> Dust for vomit.

5> At the grocery store, take one egg out of every dozen carton
and smash it on the ground in the name of Rock ‘N’ Roll!

4> Go to the airport and hand out cucumbers wrapped in foil.

3> Have a threesome with Nadia Comeneci and Mary Lou Retton.
Upload pictures to Google+. Click the +1 button.

2> Pencil in an 11th Commandment in your Bible: “Thou shalt
not stop at 10, you bleedin’ wankers.”

and’s Number 1 Way
to Celebrate Nigel Tufnel Day…

1> For one day, feel superior to Letterman’s “Only Goes
to Ten” list.

[ Copyright 2011 by Chris White/ ]


Unconcious mutterings


I say, and you think?

  1. Distress ::
  2. White lie ::
  3. Costume ::
  4. Stampede ::
  5. Unappealing ::
  6. Idiot ::
  7. Correction ::
  8. Resignation ::
  9. Insipid ::
  10. Celebration ::




  1. Distress ::call
  2. White lie ::necessary
  3. Costume ::parade
  4. Stampede ::Calgary
  5. Unappealing ::  –  wow, I got nuthin’ here … did think co-workers, but twice?  I don’t think so.  Well, WTF:  Co-worker
  6. Idiot :: general public
  7. Correction :: -al institute
  8. Resignation :: giving up
  9. Insipid :: co-worker
  10. Celebration :: Cinco de Mayo  TEQUILA!