Coming up on 11-11-11

November 7, 2011


Nigel Tufnel, ace guitarist for the band Spinal Tap,
is rightfully famous for having a custom-made amplifier
that trumps the standard 1-10 volume scale by going
all the way to 11; “Well, it’s one louder, isn’t it?”

This Friday (11-11-11) is unofficially Nigel Tufnel Day.
How will YOU commemorate this once-a-century occasion?

The Top 11 Ways to Celebrate Nigel Tufnel Day

11> Show up to work at 11:11. With an attitude.

10> Turn it up to 12, then spontaneously combust.

9> Two words: Pipers piping

8> New Top5 List: The Top 11 Reasons Spinal Tap Kicks
Metallica’s Wussy Ass!

7> Get a spinal tap and when the nurse asks you to rate your
pain on a scale of 1 to 10, smile as you wince and say, “11.”

6> Dust for vomit.

5> At the grocery store, take one egg out of every dozen carton
and smash it on the ground in the name of Rock ‘N’ Roll!

4> Go to the airport and hand out cucumbers wrapped in foil.

3> Have a threesome with Nadia Comeneci and Mary Lou Retton.
Upload pictures to Google+. Click the +1 button.

2> Pencil in an 11th Commandment in your Bible: “Thou shalt
not stop at 10, you bleedin’ wankers.”

and’s Number 1 Way
to Celebrate Nigel Tufnel Day…

1> For one day, feel superior to Letterman’s “Only Goes
to Ten” list.

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