Unconscious Mutterings and a little tl;dr Thanksgiving

It’s that time again, folks (or folk, Daisyfae):

Subliminal Luna nina  

  1. Crushed ::
  2. Thanks ::
  3. Steam ::
  4. Bulletin ::
  5. Budget ::
  6. Value ::
  7. Aquarium ::
  8. Logo ::
  9. Information ::
  10. Lend ::





Here are mine:

  1. Crushed :: again  [or maybe pineapple!]
  2. Thanks :: for the memories
  3. Steam :: punk
  4. Bulletin :: board
  5. Budget :: line item
  6. Value :: added
  7. Aquarium :: Monterey
  8. Logo :: trademark
  9. Information :: technology
  10. Lend :: fail   <— it’s all about the bankers, isn’t it?

Here’s my little punkin head

We babysat her this week, she cried nearly the entire time her mama was gone.  Again.  Inconsolable.  She’s 6 months old already!  Going to be a headstrong little brat I suppose, like many of her close relatives. 🙂   But her world is ALL about mommy and possibly daddy.  We need to do a 30 minutes here, 30 minutes there with Grandma and get used to someone else’s solo presence.  Maybe.

Thanksgiving is at our place again. Having a few people.  Not a lot.  Mom and one sis, one of Bob’s boy’s, Bob’s sister but not the sister’s husband who is, for the 11th year, saying that his father is close to death and needs to be surrounded by his family at Thanksgiving.  Good manipulator.  It’s boring for him here, anyway.  He hates it, don’t know why.  Last year we got him to play with the XBox.   Andrew and J and K will be in attendance, possibly my friend Bev if the wet weather continues.  She doesn’t want to drive to Reno in the snow.  Can’t say as I blame her.  Everyone’s schedule keeps changing, so we may just have Thanksgiving buffet instead of a sit-down.   Whatever … there will be lots of food both days so no one will go hungry.   I have enough wine to get everyone drunk and stay that way for days.  And tequila.  Heh.  My poor mother.

Speaking of which, Mom will freeze again, I’m sure.  She’s  used to a lot higher temperatures than we have here. I keep the house at 72, which is really pretty warm unless you’re naked and sitting still.  I told her to bring long underwear.

Quote of the xxx

It’s hard to be religious when certain people are never incinerated by bolts of lightning.
– Bill Watterson.