On overeating or drinking

Whether we are talking about the next mouthful, the next drink, the next cigarette, the next sexual partner, or the next dose of whatever psychoactive chemical we might buy on the street, the concept is equally applicable: It’s hard to get enough of something that almost works.


Isn’t that an amazing little insight?  I got it from a Kaiser write up about what they’re studying/doing to help their members with weight control.


2 thoughts on “On overeating or drinking

  1. that’s pretty wild…

    a good friend who is in remission with stage 4 breast cancer, has become quite the expert in nutrition and holistic health. she’s taught me the ‘one bite’ concept.

    usually it’s the first bite of a decadent dessert, or deep fried nugget of some sort, that brings the most pleasure. if you really think about it, you get what you need from one bite. after that? it’s a declining pleasure slope…. which usually leads to bad feelings of gluttony, failure and bloat when you complete the entire pile of food.

    just one bite. tell yourself this before you dive in. plan to truly savor the taste. and then push away the plate – or, as my friend and i do, share it with another ‘one biter’…


  2. Beth says:

    That sounds like a good system. So many reasons to overeat, so many reasons not to …. I need to get some muscles again. I’ve turned into a flabby old lady and my body is rebelling.


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