Weakly rap up

Oh, sweet jeebus, another bizarre week.

Goob, the German Shepherd (of the Paint Your Own Dog Fame), had terrible diarrhea again and I decided to take him to the vet.  Ended up taking him to emergency surgery (by one of the teaching docs at UCD!) and having a gigantic tumor cut off his stomach (inside). And they took out his spleen because it was icky.  Don’t know yet if the tumor was benign or malignant, won’t know until the middle of the week.  I hope it’s benign because we can’t afford chemo.  This whole thing ended up being slightly over $5,000.  I’m not making that up.  There was a moment there when we were not going to do it, but then we realized it would be even harder not to. So we got the surgery done.

Also this week we learned that the diabetic cat is not doing as well as she once was.  Kidneys are probably starting to go, blood sugar over time was not too good.  I am blaming myself for that last one.  Have been feeding her too much kitty crack.  But she loves it so, and I keep thinking she won’t have that much longer so why the hell can’t she just enjoy herself?  Now we get to buy cat food that is $29 for a 6 lb bag.  I’m not making that up, either.  At least they like it.   We might actually be able to feed them their tiny high calorie bit of it (little cat, 1/4 cup a day, fat cat 1/2 – 3/4, Cheetah, 1/2 cup) while we watch them eat.  And that will be the extent of it.  Fat cat will lose weight and I will be able to quit cleaning her arse for her.  Gee, that would be too bad.


Rick’s mass is tomorrow, then a meet and greet and eat afterward. I will attend the first, probably skip the latter.  None of my people will be there (except Andrew), just all of his new wife’s people.  His mom isn’t going, it’s too hard on her to be out of her environment after her stroke.  Ricky was her baby, her favorite, always.  Should have said that in the obit.  I imagine this will do her in.


Bob went to fix something under my tub in the bathroom, took a panel out and found extensive mold from a leak that can’t be reached w/out knocking the tile out.  Have to redo the whole thing, it’s a mess and probably explains why I haven’t been feeling so great.  Lots of mold.  Mold is my enemy.  On a positive note, we’ll be able the replace the non-working, butt-ugly jacuzzi that is my tub/shower.  Hard to get in and out of because sides are so high and I am so dang old these days.


I’m starting a yoga foundation series tomorrow night.  I went to a 101 class, I like it.  It hurt but then my back was really great for a day, and then excruciating ever since. Worse than ever.  Maybe if I do it regularly it will get a lot better.  I have degenerative disk disease, fairly advanced for someone my age.  Also, I was just diagnosed with Morton’s neuroma in my foot.  Falling apart, I am.  I got a cortisone shot in the foot, helped a lot, but about made me pee my pants when he did it.  Not much fun. But worth it.  I can walk again on it.


Anyway: Goob is back home now (since this afternoon), in his bed, happy to be with us.  His mouth is a thousand times sorer than his stomach, I suppose from the intubation.  He has a lot of medicine to take but the sore mouth made giving him pills difficult until I figured out how to do it in the baby food he’s eating.  Yes, I am feeding the German Shepherd baby food.   Baby food and chicken stock.  Hopefully not for too long.


4 thoughts on “Weakly rap up

  1. Beth says:

    I got up at 4 this morning (Sissy’s stomach noises woke me up ! yikes!) and gave Goob his pain meds in baby food and let them all outside for a minute. Now we are all up again, he ate some chopped chicken in his baby food. Progress! But I am asleep on my feet. Wish I could stay home.

    He looks better this morning, for sure! Belly swelling going down. Mouth becoming slightly more mobile.


  2. Beth says:

    Well, it actually seems to be helping my back a little bit but I torqued my hip during the second class. shite. I think I was working on triangle. I don’t have much cushion left on my joints anywhere.
    I’m kind of old and fat to be starting this, but I can’t stand how much my body hurts all the time and if I can get some muscle strength back my joints will be a lot better. I hope.


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