Goob Progress

Labs came back, the big cancer was benign, and the spleen was granulated but benign, whatever that means. Was nice to get some good news for a change.  Gunnar’s mouth is back to normal, he’s eating and pooping (still loose but ? ) and we found out something weird but interesting.

His behavior had become odder over the last couple of months – chasing the shadow of his ears, freaking out over any flickering light and wanting to get it, really OCD-acting.  He’s always been flaky but this was getting out of hand.  Turns out the big cancer pumps out whatever the opposite of glucose is so he had low blood sugar and wasn’t running on all his cylinders.  Isn’t that weird?  He’s behaving almost normally now. Of course, normal for Goob would be not so normal in a different dog ..

One bad thing out of all that – they shaved off his nipples when they prepped him for surgery.  I’ll bet that hurt.  He had explosive diarrhea all over the prep tech so she was probably paying him back.  Still, they do all need to be able to deal with poop.  I’m trying to decide whether it’s worth pursuing.  I’ll probably talk to the doc when he gets his staples out next week.


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