My favorite Vulcan and my favorite Cajun.


So, we’ve had summer here and I planted a garden, tried my swimming suit on (QUELLE HORROR)  and now today it rained and it’s cold and I’m not sure what to wear out to see Tab tonight.  Tab Benoit, my favorite Cajun.  He’s a lot of fun.  He was the kickoff band on one of our blues cruises.  It was great. My sister ALMOST saw him last weekend.  I bought these tickets months ago so we’re sitting front and center in a nice venue.    Should be a good, if chilly, night out with Bob! Now I need to find my flask …


3 thoughts on “My favorite Vulcan and my favorite Cajun.

  1. sounds like a plan! i’ve ‘acquired’ a few new bands since the rock boat cruise i did, but none have been through town since then…


  2. bc says:

    The warmup band was Mumbo Gumbo. They were fabulous! Two women in front, playing guitars and various other instruments. They were so much fun. They also had a great drummer, a guy who played sax, and a keyboard player. And a bass player. And another guitar player. Seven of them on stage.
    Tab was like he always is. That’s a good thing! Plays the shit out of guitar, always breaks at least one string (did two in front of us Friday),and is funny and fun.


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