So, does the Religious Right all have a heart attack now, or later?

The Fresh Ten

Recent events have made it clear that we are suffering from a broken moral compass.  People today could use some general guidance.

Since the original ten commandments seem somewhat narrow and obsolete (too much focus on livestock, servants, and jealous god issues), here is a modest first draft of a fresh set. 

  1. You shall treat all people with respect regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, or national origin.
  2. You shall not kill, assault, nor intimidate with threats of physical violence.
  3. You shall not rape, sexually coerce, nor intimidate with threats of sexual violence.
  4. You shall cultivate intellectual curiosity, be open to new ideas, and  respect the scientific method.
  5. You shall not cheat, nor cheat others out of what is rightfully theirs.
  6. You shall not lie, deceive, nor spread lies about others.
  7. You shall not steal, that is to say take or use what rightfully belongs to another person in a manner that causes harm. (Stealing is a trickier concept than it once was. How do you say yes to Fair Use and no to software patents?)
  8. You shall keep your promises.
  9. You shall not waste natural resources nor pollute the shared environment.
  10. You shall take responsibility for your actions and their consequences.

This is from Communicatrix’s (?) aunt.  Very well said – I am an atheist but I can totally get behind every one of these commandments.


Coming in like a lion:

Lion in a sidecar

I can’t tell you how much I love this picture, mane streaming in the wind.

And here are two women in bird heads sharing a joke or something.


Isn’t it odd, a little macabre, even?

Easter is almost here, I got Katie enough candy to keep her on the ceiling for days.  You’re welcome, son.

Here she is with her daycare buddy.


Isn’t Katie adorable?  I just bought her some sparkle converse high tops.

I have flowers and trees and things but will save that for another night.



Oops, and there went February.

Here’s a butterfly for you.  Pretty!  I painted it on DrawQuest recently, a fun new iPad drawing game.  I do that instead of blogging these days, I guess.


Red butterfly




And my ATF reddit picture:




We wax, we wane. It’s the dance of life. Every living thing is a pulse. We quicken, then we fade.