Made Sharky Again

Ha! Fame and fortune, albeit anonymously, are mine at last. 🙂

This was my bit –

Managing the User

Panicked receptionist calls IT manager pilot fish, saying her monitor is doing weird things, though she’s not touching the computer. “I get to her station and pull out her under-desk keyboard drawer,” says fish, “and there’s her romance novel, open face-down, mashing the keyboard. She turns an enchanting tomato red and mumbles, ‘Uh, sorry, I had to hide the book when the boss came by. Please don’t tell on me!’ Me? Never! But she owes me now.”

Shock Value

I put on a Deluvia mud mask tonight. Haven’t done it in a year, haven’t EVER done it with Bob around.
Tonight, I put the mask on, and went into the semi dark office where Bob was working on his computer. We talked for a few minutes, and I kept hoping he’d just glance up at me, but no dice, he was nearly asleep at the wheel.
I finally said, “Look at me.”
He looked up at me, and levitated straight up off the chair. Two inches of air under his ass in the space of a heartbeat.

V E R Y rewarding.

Once (again) in our lifetime

Look what my cool friend Mike managed to capture earlier this month! Unless he just fiddled around and created this. But knowing him, he caught it.


I have no idea why I get such a charge out of weird date stuff like this, but I always do.

lucky day

I was driving in to work today, no later than usual. Got behind a mini-van that was actually driving faster than I was. Amazing. Incredible! Generally speaking, from my point of view anyway, mini-vans and their drivers are the bane of the universe. Big slowdown in traffic? Look to the mini-van. My sister used to drive one- I’m glad she graduated.

Oh, anyway, I was screaming along behind this van, who was actually widening the gap between us. I was boggled, but decided not to give chase. Just as well. I was going 81 mph. at the moment I looked over to my right and saw a CHP on a motorcycle passing me, heading toward the van. I didn’t even get a sideways glance. He was probably just curious to see who could possibly be driving a mini-van that fast.

I don’t know if the van got nailed or not because everybody slowed way down and I nipped into the right lane and tried to look inconspicious just in case the ossifer decided to come back. So it was a bloody slow 65 mph the rest of the way in and I never saw hide nor hair of the van. [in case you got here late: my daily commute is an hour one way if there’s no traffic AND I can stand on the gas pedal] Maybe the cop was a KOL player and let me slide because of my swell bumper sticker:
My Other Car Is Made Of Meat.
to wit:
bitchin meatcar

This is one bitchin’ meatcar, man.