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Saw this on FB – One of the funniest, saddest guys I knew –

From Chris White:  I was saddened to learn that cartoonist John Callahan died last summer. An alcoholic quadriplegic (or maybe quadriplegic alcoholic), John was known for completely ignoring political correctness and established “bounds of decency.” His voicemail message said: “John is feeling pretty depressed today, so please leave a message at the sound of the gunshot.” RIP, John.

[the caption is a little bit hard to read – it says, “Don’t worry, he won’t get far on foot!” ]

I had the flatulent nun on my very first website, which was about a hundred years ago.


Nice quotes today from the Quotemaster.

They made me a little nostalgic.  I used to date musicians.  Was even married to one briefly!  I schlepped drums and a Peavy amp (not by myself) and all things musical for about 6 months on the road at the tender age of 18.   It was an experience, for sure.  XMRadio would have been a godsend for those long drives in between gigs from Bumfuck, Texas, to Butt, Montana. I heard Bennie and the Jets about a thousand times.  B-B-B-B-Bennie!


I don’t need to be recognized with presents. I just wanna go onstage and sing my song.
– Celine Dion

You can cage the singer but not the song.
– Harry Belafonte

Songs are funny things. They can slip across borders. Proliferate in prisons. Penetrate hard shells. I always believed that the right song at the right moment could change history.
– Pete Seeger

I just wrote one song at a time. Kinda like an alcoholic. One day at a time.
– Neil Young

The songs worked as a different kind of rhetoric, one that could reach the fence-sitters.
– Peter Yarrow

Song writing is about getting the demon out of me. It’s like being possessed. You try to go to sleep, but the song won’t let you. So you have to get up and make it into something, and then you’re allowed to sleep.
– John Lennon, 1940 – 1980


All from Papa Hemingway – 1899 – 1961

Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.

A writer’s problem does not change. It is always how to write
truly and having found out what is true to project it in such
a way that it becomes part of the experience of the person who reads it.

I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?

Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how
justified, is not a crime.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

About morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel
good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.


This made me think of my friend Azahar of  Casa Az and Azahar’s Sevilla fame.    She took and blogged about that little quiz “I Write Like” that’s so popular right now.  Apparently she writes like Stephen King.  I’ve always loved the way SK puts words together and the tone he achieves even if I don’t like the subject matter – and with Az I feel the same way except I generally like her subject matter.  I’m all about food and cats.    And technology.

Anyway, she’s good and always interesting to read.   So much so that she was invited to do a guest piece about tapas for Travel Intelligence which I quite enjoyed.  People who are going to Spain should read it and then call Azahar as soon as they step out of the plane.  Or sooner.   I’m plugging this because she is an undiscovered foreign food guide GEM whom I would look up and use the entire time I was in Seville if we ever go.  Her services are EXACTLY what I would want to use when absorbing a foreign culture via my taste buds.   I hope she builds a network of people who do what she does, and then I will travel around the world with the best food guides and experiences available.

Now that I’ve posted that, I hope she gives me a discount when we’re in Spain.   🙂

Sunny Sunday

Well, happy Daylight Savings Time, peeps. Feh.
It’s a beautiful day, already spent some time with the binocs staring at the Flickers in the back yard.


They are so BIG compared to the rest of the birds that usually hang out there. And fat. We must have just what they need. There are two pairs I’ve seen every year since I’ve been here. Or, every year I see 4 flickers, no telling if they’re the same ones or not. I prefer the romanticized view, however.

Today we get to go round up Pat and Kate and head over to the Powerhouse Pub in Folsom and see Roy Rogers and the Delta Rhythm Kings.


It’s an afternoon show. YAY for Sunday afternoon blues! I’m really looking forward to it!  Haven’t seen any live music for weeks.

Good quote (even if it is from USA Today): “Pundits who bemoan the scarcity of guitar gods haven’t laid ears on Roy Rogers, whose slide riffs could peel a crawfish.”
– USA Today

I just listened to a really great song called Molly O and Dog Boy which is written and performed by Shana Morrison (Van’s daughter) and Roy Rogers.  Now I have to buy the CD.  I hope they have it for sale at the show.  It’s pretty old, 2000.  Cross your fingers!

FUCK!!! How did it get to be 10:30 already!