May 8:  wwjkd

What Would James Kirk Do?
When stuck in a life-threatening, impossible situation with no realistic plausible means of escape, only a plan thought up by James “Jim” Kirk would work.

Person 1: OK, were stuck in an underground cavern on a distant planet with no access to the surface.

Person 2: We need a plan. WWJKD?

Urban Dictionary

More Movies

We saw The Family Stone and Brokeback Mountain over the weekend. Whew, those two movies were about as unlike each other as they could possibly be. But they were both good.
I’ve always liked Carrie Bradshaw (okay, Sarah Jessica Parker) and Diane Keaton is always good. A fine pair of actresses. Luke Wilson was pretty funny, this must have been a plummy role for him. I’d rate this a 4 out of 5 stars, but it would have been better to see before Christmas. It was pretty seasonal, maybe it will become one of those Christmas classics they play over and over every year.
Brokeback Mountain was wonderful. Really fine, fine acting and directing. Heath Ledger was stunning. The subject matter was a little startling, observed by much rustling in the audience during the first hard sex scene, followed immediately by stunned silence.

It was all so utterly plausible and sensitive, a real close look into another world. A must-see movie for pretty much everybody.


I saw that cyberwolfe saw Transporter 2 over the weekend. We saw that last week, used it for the treadmill/bike thing we do most mornings.
Transporter 2 could have been really good. The story line was “Man On Fire” with more kicking and bleeding. I can’t remember the hero’s name, Jason something [yes, this is a stupid post] but I really like looking at him and his character is really very entertaining. He’s like James Bond, only macho’d up some, and *very* finicky about his shirts. It’s always fun to see little juxtapositions like that – he kicks a bunch of ass and is then disgusted because he has blood on his pretty white shirt. There is a spare shirt, of course, freshly laundered, and hidden under the massive armory in his trunk.

The first half hour of the movie was fun and fast, but it got way too stupid after that. I am perfectly willing to suspend belief when necessary to bolster a storyline, but this went beyond even my limits. [I’m a big Stephen Seagal fan -c’mon, he really really runs like a girl- so you know that’s hard to do.] But the fight scenes were ridiculous. It was all about everyone waiting their turn to beat up on the main character.
Anyway, Transporter 2 was only about a 2.5 out of 5 stars. Could have been worse, but it was pretty disappointing. I’d have a hard time recommending it to anyone.

If you want to see a really great fight scene, watch King Kong. Man, when ol’ Kong and T-Rex start fighting, they really rock the world! It’s way fun to watch.


Okay, I’ve seen it. Wonderful movie, it stayed very true to the series and didn’t have a single disappointing moment in it. More later, after caffeine.