Two days ago:  I was farting around again with different blog skins today and managed to lose my text widgets.  I have no idea how I did that.  For being such a geek, I surely can get buffaloed easily.  But, I miss my random quotes of the $TIME PERIOD.  No idea how to get them back.

And all the skins I tried were worse than this one.  This would probably be easier if  I knew what I wanted.

In other news:

We saw Elvin Bishop and Buddy Guy at the Marin Center Friday night.  It’s a Frank Lloyd Wright building, quite nice except for dearth of women’s stalls.  The show was awesome.  I have never seen Buddy in person but have numerous albums.  He rocked my socks off, if you can say that about an old blues cat.  He was fabulous.  So much better in person than on CD.

Today: I’m still farting around with the skins, trying something new and infinitely weirder, but I kind of like it.  Still can’t find the text widgets.  Dammit!  But I did find some pictures from the show.


Elvin Bishop on top of his game


Blurry pictures from my camera but you can tell what great seats we had.  That’s because our blues buddy Pat let me know when the tickets went on sale and we went online that minute and bought them.


Buddy Guy – absolutely the greatest.

We stayed at the Embassy Suites next door to the Marin Center.  Had a great room, cheap, with free booze before the show and breakfast the next morning.  Their only ding was that we all came back from the show ready to party through the night and they closed the bar at 11:00.  Sheesh, talk about a missed opportunity.  They should know that us blues lovers can drink our weight in hard liquor before and after and the show, and really, really want to prove it.

Blues on Saturday

Great show!  Great weather!

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Click here for more pics  ….

They had a food stand with organic and weird meat.  We all had buffalo burgers which were pretty good.  What I really wanted was a  Wild Boar Bratwurst, just so I could say I had eaten one.   They even had ostrich burgers.  Next time..

Coloma Blues Festival

Tomorrow we do our annual foray into Lotus country for the Coloma Blues Live! show. It’s fun, we do it as a birthday celebration for Bob and his sister Marcia.  This is, um, year 5? for us.  Here’s last year.

Usually we have to worry about sunburn and heat stroke.  This year we’re worried about freezing to death.  Really!  Instead of being a gnarly 95, we’ll be be lucky if it hits 70.  For those of us (me!) with a two degree temperature comfort zone, it may be a challenge.

We generally sit on the river side of the park, and cooling breezes off the river come up just in time to keep us from keeling over from the heat.  I guess this year we’ll sit on the other side.  No need for the mist tent!  And instead of beers to cool us down, we may need other higher octane fare to keep us toasty.  If I recall correctly, there may be premium tequila shots to be had for a premium price.  Hmm.  I may have to find my flask.

Coats!  In the Sacramento area, in June!  It’s just plain freaking me out!

Last year Roy Rogers played the festival.  He was as hot as I’ve ever seen him and re-affirmed my faith in humans as musical instruments of the Gods.  Lordy but that man can PLAY.  Seriously, it gets me wet when he plays.  Whew.  [If you’re someone from my work, please disregard that last sentence.]

This year, Kenny Wayne Shepherd headlines,  and Mighty Mike Schermer , Rick Estrin and the Nightcats, and Joe Louis Walker are up, too.  It’s going to be great.    Shouldn’t have to try too hard to keep the ice chipped off – I suspect there will be DANCING!!!

Sunny Sunday

Well, happy Daylight Savings Time, peeps. Feh.
It’s a beautiful day, already spent some time with the binocs staring at the Flickers in the back yard.


They are so BIG compared to the rest of the birds that usually hang out there. And fat. We must have just what they need. There are two pairs I’ve seen every year since I’ve been here. Or, every year I see 4 flickers, no telling if they’re the same ones or not. I prefer the romanticized view, however.

Today we get to go round up Pat and Kate and head over to the Powerhouse Pub in Folsom and see Roy Rogers and the Delta Rhythm Kings.


It’s an afternoon show. YAY for Sunday afternoon blues! I’m really looking forward to it!  Haven’t seen any live music for weeks.

Good quote (even if it is from USA Today): “Pundits who bemoan the scarcity of guitar gods haven’t laid ears on Roy Rogers, whose slide riffs could peel a crawfish.”
– USA Today

I just listened to a really great song called Molly O and Dog Boy which is written and performed by Shana Morrison (Van’s daughter) and Roy Rogers.  Now I have to buy the CD.  I hope they have it for sale at the show.  It’s pretty old, 2000.  Cross your fingers!

FUCK!!! How did it get to be 10:30 already!

more music

Richard Thompson – I love this guy.  Hopefully we get to go see him in December.  Ticket sales start tomorrow at 10.  Wish me luck, I’m going to need it. [I should have posted this last week – we DID get tickets!]

Listen to this, it’s a killingly sad apt desert war song:

If you’ve never heard of him, here’s a bio:

RICHARD THOMPSON: Named by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the Top 20 Guitarists of all-time and the recent recipient of both an Ivor Novello Award for Songwriting and the 2006 BBC Lifetime Achievement Award, the iconic British folk rock legend is one of the world’s most critically acclaimed and prolific songwriters. His work is admired and recorded by such artists as Bonnie Raitt, David Byrne and Elvis Costello.

From his teenage years as a founding member of the 1960’s pioneering group Fairport Convention to duo work with his then-wife, Linda Thompson, and over 20 years as a solo artist, to scoring Werner Hertzog’s 2005 documentary ‘Grizzly Man’, Richard Thompson’s astounding body of work includes over 40 albums of lyrical wit anchored by such a singular acoustic and electric guitar delivery that Newsweek recently announced, ‘like all genuine art, it satisfies completely.’

“In the guitar god firmament, Thompson easily takes a place beside Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. He has certainly been the most consistently imaginative English plank spanker of modern times.” – Daily Mirror. David’s last appearance in the Big Room was filmed for the PBS series Sierra Center Stage and was one of the most popular shows we presented. Join us for what’s sure to be a magical evening. This is a show for the whole family.

For additional information on Richard Thompson, please visit